I Speak for Myself ®

I Speak for Myself ® is an inclusive platform through which people can make themselves heard and where everyone’s voice has a place. ISFM®’s mission focuses on delivering one core product, a “narrative collection,” that is mindset-altering, inspiring, relatable, and teachable. We aim to deliver interfaith, intercultural titles that are narrow in scope but rich in diversity.

Volume 1 of the ISFM series, “I Speak for Myself: American Women on Being Muslim,” was released in May 2011 and was named #2 on HuffPo’s list, Best Religion Books of 2011. Volume 2, “All-American: 45 American Men on Being Muslim” was released in June 2012 and immediately received a coveted Starred Review from Publisher’s Weekly. Volumes 6 and 7 were released in 2015 and joined the series in sparking dialogue across the country and abroad as well.

More information can be found on the ISFM® website.


Books in the Series:

Volume 1: I Speak for Myself: American Women on Being Muslim

Volume 2: American Men on Being Muslim: 45 American Men on Being Muslim

Volume 3: Demanding Dignity: Young Voices from the Front Lines of the Arab Revolutions

Volume 4: Talking Taboo: American Christian Women Get Frank About Faith

Volume 5: Father Factor: American Christian Men on Fatherhood and Faith

Volume 6: Faithfully Feminist: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Feminists on Why We Stay

Volume 7: A Book of Mormons: Latter-day Saints on a Modern-Day Zion