Zahra’s campaign is endorsed by several leaders and organizations:

“I am proud to endorse Zahra Suratwala for the DuPage County Board in District 1. Zahra is part of a new generation of leadership, and her fresh voice will help usher in the progress we need. By focusing at the local level, she is intent on bringing about positive change to benefit the people of DuPage County. Zahra believes in better, more inclusive representation at all levels of government, and she has the determination to help make that a reality. Zahra’s background, experience, and involvement in the community make her a great asset to the DuPage County Board.” Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi

U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin

Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White

Cynthia Borbas, Chair, Democratic Party of DuPage County

“I am endorsing Zahra because she embodies everything we want in a community servant. She has sacrificed, chosen to take the high road and continued to provide guidance in District 1 and throughout the county. She has stepped forward to volunteer for boards and support others. Leading does indeed start with listening but it continues with action. I’m proud to support and endorse Zahra Suratwala for County Board.” – Daniel Hebreard, President, Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

“I enthusiastically endorse Zahra Suratwala to join me on the DuPage County Board representing District 1. Having been fortunate to know Zahra and her lovely family for a few years, I can think of no one more kind, more driven to help District 1 residents, nor harder working. Her empathy, intelligence, and creative problem solving will be a welcome addition to the DuPage County Board.” – Ashley Selmon, Member, DuPage County Board, District 1

Indo-American Democratic Organization

Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition

South Asians for America

Shaw Media

My Suburban Life newspaper

Liz Chaplin, Member, DuPage County Board District 2

Robert Peickert, Former Chair, The Democratic Party of DuPage County

The Addison Township Democratic Organization

Matt Custer, Former Chair, Addison Township Democratic Organization

Steve Schenk, Former Chair, Addison Township Democratic Organization

Gary Kleppe, Former Chair, York Township Democratic Organization

Dawnn Basaraba, Former Chair, Bloomingdale Township Democratic Organization

Ann Lobdell, Precinct Committeewoman

Sarah Caltvedt , Precinct Committeewoman

Diane Kalousek, Precinct Committeewoman

Joan Williams Knippen, Precinct Committeewoman

 Joan McCormick Brennan, Precinct Committeewoman

Kirsten Powers, Precinct Committeewoman

Tausif Malik, Treasurer of Democrats Abroad India

Anisha Ismail Patel, Founder and Chief Education Officer, InnovusED

“I have served as Zahra Suratwala’s publisher since 2010 and together we have put out 7 volumes in the I Speak for Myself Series. Zahra’s mission has been to create connections between people across faith traditions and to empower people by providing a forum for people to share their life stories, knowing that by sharing with people from different cultures, religions, and backgrounds together we can find the best in each of us. Her work as a writer, editor and public speaker on the important issues of our day make her an outstanding choice for the County Board seat for DuPage County. She will do everything in her power to make a positive difference for the good of her community.”   -Steven Scholl, Publisher, White Cloud Press

“Eyes. Ears. Heart. To stand up and lead, you must possess a greater purpose for all three, which is why I am so pleased to support Zahra Suratwala for DuPage County Board District 1 on March 20, 2018. When Zahra announced she was going to step up and run for county government, my heart smiled. With a long history of defending and celebrating political freedom and diversity, I knew that Zahra had the eyes, ears, and heart to stand up and lead. Having witnessed many of her life’s talents and passions come to successful fruition, I could not imagine a more perfectly-fitting candidate for the strong leadership required for County Board. From building higher education standards, lowering property taxes, to advocating for the best healthcare possible, Zahra will clearly see the opportunities ahead, will passionately listen to your needs and will lead you and your family to a brighter future.”  -Farida Abbas, Founder and CEO, International Fit

“Zahra is a natural-born leader with an innate ability to connect with everyone she meets. People are drawn to her authenticity, her empathy and compassion, and her strong desire to be a voice for DuPage County District One. Zahra believes that leading begins with listenting, and she exemplifies that belief in her career, in her community, in her relationships, and most importantly, in her home. Zahra encourages and nurtures ideas and goals with an authenticity of spirit that motivates and inspires the people around her. Zahra is always the first person to roll up her sleeves and get involved, especially when the challenges are great. She will bring that determination into office with her. Zahra has my vote, and she deserves yours too.”  -Whitney Gaspar, Political Activist

“Zahra took over the head Committee Chair position for our Jr Book Club two years ago at  Emerson Elementary school.  She took our old Jr. Great Books Program and made it her own by turning it into a book club that all grade level of students could participate in. She motivates and challenges all our students  to use their higher level thinking skills and to really explore and talk about what lesson or message they may have gotten from the book. Her leadership skills, love of reading  and enthusiasm has been such an asset to our program and our students. Zahra will be an asset to the DuPage County Board as well, which is why she has my vote.”  -Kristie Szejner, former PTA President, Emerson Elementary School, Elmhurst

“As a member of our local mosque community, Zahra has spent years initiating projects that further women’s empowerment and that better our community. She has organized panel discussions, a mentoring program, a senior citizens’ outreach, a green initiative, and more. She identifies a need and sets out to fulfill it, and inspires others to join her. She will bring this same compassion and efficiency to the DuPage County Board, and that is why she has my support.”  -Hatim E. Poonawalla, Vice President, Anjuman-e-Saifee Chicago