About Zahra

Check out the links below to find out more about my work as a published author, editor, educator, speaker, and community activist!

I Speak for Myself – I am the Co-Founder of the I Speak for Myself® book series. There are 7 books in the series so far, and the stories within have sparked dialogue, won awards, and most importantly, connected people to one another.

Teaching – I am a professor of English at Elgin Community College, where I get to expose young minds to the wonder, catharsis, and joy of writing. I have also taught in Cairo, Egypt and in Bangkok, Thailand.

Community Service – I believe in paying it forward. I have faith in the immense power of many individuals thinking about the world beyond themselves. And I intend to lead by example so my children become engaged citizens as well. I volunteer my time at my children’s schools as well as at my local mosque; I highly value community outreach. I am on the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Chicago Metropolitan Agency of Planning. I am also on the board of Progressives for Change, as well as the board of the Elmhurst Pride Collective.

Speaking Engagements – There is a joy that comes from speaking honestly and passionately about your own experiences, and listening to others speak about theirs. After all, connecting with others starts with listening. The exchange, the relationship, the growth that I experience during my speaking engagements is invaluable.

Written Pieces– I have been a writer since I was a child, and I am thankful that I never put the pen down. Writing is a gift that anyone can possess. It’s a way to share. It is art.

Media Appearances – Telling my story is part of who I am, and I respect the media as the channel by which we learn about each other.