Press Release: IL Muslim Civic Coalition Endorses Seven Political Candidates for Midterm Races

CHICAGO: The IL Muslim Civic Coalition,a partnership of over 200 activists and influencers that serve across the state is proud to endorse seven candidates running for office. These are: US House of Representatives District 6: Sean Casten, US House of Representatives District 14: Lauren Underwood, Cook County Commissioner District 17: Abdelnasser Rashid, DuPage County Board District 1: Zahra Suratwala, DuPage County Board District 4: Hadiya Afzal, DuPage County Board District 5: Sadia Covert and DuPage Forest Preserve Commissioner: Irfan Ibrahim.

“We thank every candidate for having the courage and ambition to run for elected office,” said Nareman Taha, Steering Team Member of the Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition. “Muslims have already been funding, canvassing, and supporting candidates for this, and prior election cycles. Our endorsement will galvanize even more funding, field support, and most importantly, will
ensure more votes during these critical next few weeks.”

Muslims are an integral part of America, serving as business owners, doctors, engineers, teachers, drivers, factory workers, leaders, philanthropists- and good neighbors. They support candidates that represent American core values of justice, equity, and diversity. Endorsements are based on the steps candidates have or will take to address the issues of healthcare access/quality, education access/quality, violence, employment preparation, and immigration. Particular emphasis was placed on candidate questionnaire responses as to how they would fight Islamophobia, hate crimes, and hate speech, and proactively support Muslims, people-of-color, minority, refugees, disabled residents, LGBTQI, and all vulnerable

Over the last decade, while the Muslim, Middle-Eastern and South Asian communities have grown significantly in Illinois, representation in political office has been stagnant. For this reason, The Coalition has also placed emphasis on endorsing candidates with diverse professional backgrounds and diverse demographics, especially on local offices and County

Finally, The Coalition and its partners had to ensure endorsements were based on the internal capacity of the team and volunteers to execute field support and funding recommendations. There are many candidates whose vision aligns with the Coalition, and several members are individually supporting these candidates throughout the state.

Please visit endorsed candidate websites, contribute to their candidacy, and vote today. Early voting has begun across the state!

For media and press, contact Reema Kamran, Director, at
IL Muslim Civic Coalition